Do you have a business idea that you have been quietly developing in your mind, but feeling a reluctance to bring it to life?

This article from Business Insider identifies the greatest fear that results in a reluctance to develop small business ideas is the ‘tall poppy syndrome’, or the fear of voicing our ambitions and being labeled a “bragger”.

When I first launched my business, my ex-employer continued to use my services for some time. That decision helped me enormously, I was doing work that I knew understood very well while also spending time on building my business.

Those indications of trust and the encouragement I received from them allowed me to focus on my business and not on my fears. There have been plenty of fears since, but return clients, happy customers and seeing client strategies work has kept me motivated.

Some of the things that I have done and can recommend include:

  1. Join your local business group
  2. Join online business groups such as Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine
  3. Find like-minded people to catch up with in your location (either formally or informally)
  4. Find a LinkedIn, Facebook or other group that you can join
  5. Follow government business sites such as Business Victoria
  6. Be open to collaborations with local organisations
  7. Make yourself known to the Economic Development Officer in your local Council

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