Can moving your business to the Northern Grampians be as exciting as taking a great holiday?

When I was a young child and my mother made my school lunch, she asked the same question every day.

‘Yellow jam or black jam?’

I didn’t like yellow jam much so my answer was as predictable as the question. I remembered this anecdote recently and wondered if my comfort with change is a result of monotony?

On the other hand, one of the things that I love about my work is the variety. Every client is unique.  There will be similarities in their issues and challenges, but how to handle those challenges effectively will differ.

That was true for my projects when I was employed as a PR Manager and it is even more noticeable as a consultant and strategist. That may be why deciding to relocate was more exciting for me than overwhelming.

When I moved to Daylesford and created Ascend Public Relations and Communications I loved learning about the businesses in the region and the business owners. Tourism, retail, agriculture, arts, local government, primary producers and much more.

Never a dull day.

And now 10 years since Ascend was created, another change, another challenge. I have settled just out of Stawell in rural Victoria. Different business owners, some different sectors and the opportunity to find the unique strategy to fit the business strategy, budget, goals, and timelines of more businesses.

I have colleagues and friends who would quake at the thought of starting again. I quake a bit, but mostly I am curious and excited to work with a new set of businesses with a new set of marketing communication issues. And of course to continue to work with the many ongoing clients that I have been working with until now. I have found in the last few weeks that a change is as good as a holiday!