When I moved into Western Victoria in July one of the first things that I did after unpacking boxes was to search out businesses and contacts where there might be synergy with my business.

I was surprised at how few businesses were on LinkedIn when I searched by location.  I know that some businesses, especially if they are state-wide put Melbourne as their location, fearful that a small rural town will put people off, but I doubt that would make much difference to my search.

It seems to me that few of the businesses in my location are on LinkedIn. I don’t believe that everyone needs a LinkedIn profile, I have advised clients against it at times because it is not where they will find their networks, but there are many who are not on LinkedIn who would find it useful.

For some reason, in the last fortnight, I have had requests from friends, colleagues, and business people asking for help to create and/or develop their linked in profiles. You could say that after a dearth a few months ago, I am suddenly submerged in LinkedIn.

A few tips based on the work that I have done recently:

  • Make sure that your profile photo is a GOOD one
  • Make sure that you have included a banner image
  • Make sure that your contact details are up-to-date
  • Write posts and articles regularly
  • Interact with other posts and articles that resonate with you
  • This is not your resume, don’t just put a whole lot of dot points with words like Marketing. We want to know you – talk to us about the marketing you do
  • Check your spelling and grammar – Use online tools like Grammarly or ask someone to proof/edit. There is no shame in finding spelling and grammar difficult, but it can definitely hurt your chances of connecting or doing business on LinkedIn (or any professional site).

So, if you are a professional business owner, a professional who is or wants to become a leader in your industry, a consultant, sales consultant or someone who understands the value of networking in business and you don’t already have one – get yourself a profile.

If you would like some help to create or develop your LinkedIn profile, or attend a LinkedIn workshop, contact me.