January is a good time to do some research into what did and did not work for your business in 2018. This will help you to identify some strategies for 2019.


A good project to start with is with a Marketing Audit, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

You can get a good picture of your online visitors’ preferences by looking at your web analytics. If you do not have analytics, talk to your web people about helping you or organise your own Google Analytics account, (it’s free). This Google video set up guide might be all you need to get this important information available to you.

Don’t stop there, you can also get analytics on:

  • Facebook and Instagram (called insights)
  • LinkedIn (called LinkedIn Analytics)
  • Twitter Analytics and so on.

Reviews – Look at your reviews – what is the percentage of positive to neutral or negative? Do you always respond? How long does it take you to respond? Very rich information.

You can expect to find out what your customers, web visitors, fans and followers are interested in and want to know more about and what is a waste of your time and energy!

Have you been telling some good stories?

Can you see a theme when you look at your Facebook Insights? Is it that your human interest stories are more popular than some of your news about the business? These are the posts that will always do well, read more about how to make them work here:

Call to Action

Are you including calls to action on your posts? on social channels? Are you telling stories? Are they getting responses? Do you include Calls to Action? (They really do make a difference). For some examples and ideas of Calls to Action that you could use see our video.

Social Media Platforms

Are your audiences still using the platforms that you are using? You probably started with Facebook and you were probably right to do so, but Facebook has been changing over the years and many people no longer trust it. Younger people are more likely to be using other platforms – you need to check this out. Some suggestions for how to go about this include:

  • You can get demographic data from Google Analytics and social analytics and insights
  • Ask them! Face to Face put a survey on your website, send a survey out
  • What channels are your successful competitors using?

Are you using video?

We know that video is the most popular content type – if you are not using video, think about how you could start. Not confident with a video camera? You can make video using stills. Suggested topics include:

  • How to guides and tutorials
  • Launch a NEW PRODUCT
  • Educational videos
  • Building tours (3600)

Need some help?

If you need some help with your audit, contact us. We offer a range of services that can help you without a big impact on your wallet.

Also, we are currently doing workshops in Stawell and St. Arnaud

Or try our online marketing course – Agile Communities