Local Business Love

Ascend PR is based in Western Victoria and Hepburn Shire. We love both locations and we love giving something back to local organisations & small businesses. If you are a business or organisation in the Hepburn Shire or Western Victoria area who needs help with your marketing, PR, communications or social media then get in touch or come along to one of our events, we'd love to meet you.
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Pro Bono

We have done heaps of pro-bono or heavily discounted work for groups within the community. We still do, but we recognised that we needed to create some guidelines about who, how and when we can provide unpaid assistance so that we can be sure that we are using our resources in the most productive way for the community. To find out if you are eligible to request pro-bono work and how to go about requesting it please read our pro-bono guidelines.


Who do we help?

Below we have listed some of the many organisations and small businesses that we currently or recently provided assistance to.

Daylesford Dharma School

Ballan Farmers’ Market

Daylesford Cinema

Giving Gold for Lou

Hepburn Health

Ballan Community Health

Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre

Friends of Cornish Hill

Friends of Wombat Gardens

Kingston Avenue of Honour

Dying Well in Hepburn Shire

Ageing Well in Hepburn Shire

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Daylesford Dharma School Logo
Ageing Well in Hepburn Shire Logo
Daylesford Cinema Logo