Pro-Bono Assistance Guidelines

Are you eligible to apply for pro-bono work? Find out below...


Ascend Public Relations and Communications is a small marketing communications and PR business and we do what we can to keep our prices low. We also do what we can to provide free or very low cost services from time to time to not-for-profit organisations.


Our Guidelines

Requests for pro-bono work must come to and include:

  • Background to the project
  • Why you need assistance
  • What assistance you need
  • And what stage the project is currently in

Only projects that are in their strategy stage will be considered. We believe that if we cannot influence the strategy, we cannot help you to succeed.

Responses to requests will be provided within 14 days of receiving your request.

Please Note:

We are limited in the number of requests we can approve. Those in the Hepburn Shire and region will be given priority.